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We supply and deliver seasonally dried firewood all year round to the catering, retail industries.and households.

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About Us

At Firelogs.co.za, we harvest various hard woods. We specialize in Eucalyptus (various species), namely River red blue gum which has been classified as a weed in South Africa.

We supply and deliver seasonally dried firewood all year round to the catering and retail industries

Firewood Products

Single firewood bags of S.A’s finest mix of  Blue Gum, well seasoned, ideal for those long  cozy winter nights!  -All firewood is cut to a standard size of 25 cm in length and between 8 – 12 cm wide.

  Minimum order  = 20 bags +-18Kg per bag

R 42 per bag  - excluding delivery , also available from our Drive Thu


is the smaller pieces of wood  used for starting the fire. Packed clear plastic bags.

- no minimum order in conjunction with other wood ordered.

 R 19 per bag


Individually wrapped Paraffin based ,

similar to Blitz


Clean burning.

R 16 per pkt

Heat  Logs


Made from compressed sawdust. Ideal for closed fireplaces.

 Burns for a long time, no sparks or spitting and leaves little ash.

R 47 per 8 Kg Pack


 Braai wood, is well seasoned and is very popular during the summer braai months.

R 20 per bag

Mixed Medium & High Density Blue Gum -

-High flame with good coals

R42 per bag

 High Density Blue Gum

-Low Flame

-Difficult to start but has high heat value

R42 per bag

Low Density Firewood

- High Flame

- Low coal value

R 42 per bag

Yard Mix

- Mixed woods

- Irregular Sizes

R 42 per bag

Large Bags

- Chunky BIG pieces

- Suited for open Fireplaces

R 65 per bag


Soon to be in stock, please contact us for pricing and availability.

Bio Mass Heating Fuel

We are proud to announce our commitment to Biomass Heating Fuel. Although a very young concept in South Africa, in short, Biomass Fuel is using all timber waste and converting the waste into heating pellets, watch this space for more details over the coming months.

All our Braai woods are classified as “Hardekool”, making long lasting coals with high heat value, ideal for Braais and open fireplaces, not recommended for closed fire places. Braai bags roughly weight 6.5kg

Kameel Doring

Hard Wood that makes great coals

R 28 per bag


Long burning and perfect for a kettle braai

Premium quality, long-lasting briquettes packed into a 4 kg bag. Briquettes stay hot enough for a 2 hour braai /barbeque.

R 39 per 4 kg bag



Namibian Hardwood
Premium quality chunky pieces of  charcoal. NEW poly-woven water and all weatherproof bags are used for your convenience. Stays hot enough for up to a 3-hour braai/barbeque

R 42 per 4 kg bag


Delivered firewood = cost of firewood + delivery
. Delivery chargers depends on the area where the wood is delivered.